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Go Otto Go
by David Milgrim

He wanted to his family so he made a rocket to shoot up there. And it popped and broke.

See Pip Flap
by David milgrim

Pip is the little one who tried to fly. He couldn't so Otto helped.

Ride, Otto, Ride!
by David Milgrim

All the animals went onto Peanut. In the end it was peanuts turn to get pushed.

Brownie and Pearl Step Out
by Cynthia Rylant

Brownie wanted to go to a birthday party and they tricked her and it was her own birthday party.

I Love Being Me
by Mechal Roe

They had different hair.

You Can Go Ron
by Joe Amato

Ron got a fish for someone else, not him.

Daniel Goes Out For Dinner
by Maggie Testa

Daniel had to wait for a long time to get his food and he was not really patient.

The Cat In The Hat
by Dr Seuss

I like the way this book rhymes and I like the characters. The Cat in the hat is a funny character.

Come Over
by Lize Charlesworth

At the end she said to come over look at her dollhouse and I liked it

Come Over
by Liza Charlesworth

In the end there was a dollhouse
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